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    公司官網: www.xxzhai.com

    About us

    Integrity, Unity, Innovation, Practicality and Win-win

    The design annual output of the company is 300000 tons. The production capacity of phase I production line is 150000 tons, ranking the second in the domestic unsaturated resin subdivision field, and it is one of the largest resin production and manufacturing bases in South China and southwest China. The design and construction of phase II production line began in 2019. In 2018, the company produced more than 100000 tons of unsaturated polyester resin products, with an annual operating revenue of about 1 billion yuan, and its production and sales scale ranked first in South China and southwest China. Since June 2019, the company has officially qualified as a foreign trade operator, with business areas extended to Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions, and its sales territory has been expanding.


    Integrity, Unity, Innovation, Practicality and Win-win

    Since its inception, the company has been adhering to the mission of "providing high-quality service to customers and creating comprehensive value for the society", insisting on the enterprise spirit of "hard work, prudence, selflessness and altruism", and constantly promoting the development of enterprises.
    At the same time, the company will not forget to give back to the society, actively promote and participate in various social public welfare activities, donate financial aid to children in poor areas, and contribute to helping families and students with difficulties out of their plight.
    Looking forward to the future, the company will strive to build an excellent enterprise with customer satisfaction, employee pride and public trust, and make new contributions in promoting industry progress and achieving regional development.


    Integrity, Unity, Innovation, Practicality and Win-win

    Quartzite resin

    Button resin

    Marine resin

    Artificial stone resin

    FRP resin

    Pipe resin

    Pultrusion resin

    Sunshine tile resin


    Integrity, unity, innovation, pragmatism and win-win situation.

    The signing ceremony of Guangxi Hualong purchasing Fujian Hualong resin was a co



    Integrity, unity, innovation, pragmatism and win-win situation.

    Since its establishment, Hualong Resin has always insisted on innovation. The company has set up a special R&D department and established its own R&D team. The company is committed to building a good platform for technological innovation, actively transforming scientific and technological achievements into productivity, enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises, leading industry progress, and achieving innovation and development.
    The R&D department undertakes the research of resin subject, carries on the forward-looking research to the industry, independently develops new products, new technologies and new processes, promotes the technological progress of enterprises, improves the technological innovation ability of enterprises, promotes the technological progress of the industry, and makes enterprises in the leading position in the industry.

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    Integrity, unity, innovation, pragmatism and win-win situation.

    Guangxi Hualong Resin Co.,Ltd.

    SD Tel: 0774-3356888

    CSO Tel: 151 6000 0700  Mr. Wang

    PD Tel: 0774-3356666

    Website: www.xxzhai.com

    Wechat: guangxihualongshuzhi

    Mailbox: hlupr@hlupr.com

    Address: Southwest Side of Fuwang East Road and Xinzhong Avenue, Wanggao Industrial Park, Pinggui, Hezhou, Guangxi
    Zip code: 542829


    Integrity, unity, innovation, pragmatism and win-win situation.